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Melissa Kahn
I want to introduce to you a Premium Channel and FB Community:
Run, Heifer, Run! Prime
Hey Heifer,
Run Heifer Run! Prime is a Facebook group, and at heart, a community. We are a group of people (both men and women) who’ve come together to celebrate our victories, share tips and tricks for living healthier lives and pick each other up after life’s inevitable setbacks. Because y’all know as well as I do, life is gonna hand us some cow dung every once in a while!.  
Our ultimate vision is to give people a format for daily high quality fitness coaching, hacks and content, without the steep hourly coaching rates.  Our goal is to have this membership site fully operational by March 1st of this year (2018).
Additional Warning!!
Here are some additional side effects that could be noted after joining the Heifers:
 Warning #1: Learning to enjoy fitness
 Warning #2: Connecting to like-minded Heifers
 Warning #3: Celebrating your differences
 Warning #4: Increased self-confidence 
 Warning #5: Increased MOOOOtivation
 Warning #6: Living life in color, not black and white
 Warning #7: Less injuries
 Warning #8: Life hacks
 Warning #9: Fitness hacks
 Warning #10: More side effects may occur. Sign up today!
What Your Friends are Saying...
"Mooooootiful Group"
Being a part of #TheHerd has changed my life!
Rachel, 35 - MA, USA
"I Can't Recommend Run, Heifer, Run! Enough"
Straight forward group with a "no bull" approach.
Jen, 30 - CA, USA
"The HeiferHood is Absolutely Amazing"
Run, Heifer, Run! is absolutely amazing! 
Whitney, 30 - TX, USA
Why Do You Need Run, Heifer, Run! Prime?

  •  Motivation
  •  Be a part of a team
  •  Planning
  •  Injury Prevention
  •  Advice
  •  Feedback
  •  Your own personal cheerleader
  •  Fun

  • Accountability
  •  Push you outside your comfort zone
  •  Design a training plan 
  •  Accept no excuses
  •  Gain confidence
  •  Help you determine and achieve goals
  •  Reliable people to express concerns and ask questions
  •  Opportunity to learn
Who are the Head Heifers?
Melissa Kahn
The Head Heifer
When Melissa Kahn first began running, she had a lot to carry. She had the physical weight of obesity and the emotional weight of a dysfunctional childhood. Her friend, in light-hearted jest, told Melissa, “RUN, HEIFER, RUN!”
With those words, an idea was sparked. Melissa, a lifelong foodaholic, decided that no matter what, she would keep on running, even if she carried with her all of those extra pounds and baggage. She started Run, Heifer, Run as a way to connect with others struggling to establish healthier habits with similar struggles: food addiction, extra weight, sedentary lifestyles and the belief that a person with an extra hundred pounds couldn’t possibly hit the pavement and run a block let alone a half-marathon and beyond!
Five years later, and one hundred and ten pounds lighter, Melissa is still running. In fact, she’s biking, swimming and weight training, too. It hasn’t always been rainbows and sunshine (nothing ever is), but she has created a lifestyle that not only keeps her physically fit but also emotionally and mentally healthy. After losing the weight, Melissa became a brand ambassador for Jenny Craig, the program she used to help her drop pounds and develop an overall healthier lifestyle. With a commitment to exercise, a balanced diet and refusal to give up, Melissa tackled the heifer in the room and ended a life-long struggle with not just the number on the scale but those pesky voices in her head that told her she was destined to be fat and that she wasn’t worth much more.
When she kicks off her running shoes, Melissa is a mother to four teenagers, which means life is…..busy! Adding an airline pilot husband to the mix just ups the level of crazy chaos. Between keeping up with flight schedules, piano lessons, robotics clubs and school runs, Melissa balances mom-life, wife-life, work-life and her own life. The key is balance, in all things ...which means there are occasional Dairy Queen treats and more than a handful or two of Cheezits at times. It’s all good.
Dr. Al
Run, Heifer, Run Prime! Assistant
Dr. Al, a former Chiropractor turned Life Coach, is a Health & Human Performance Expert who has compiled thousands of clinical hours helping Pro Athletes, Olympic Gold Medalists, World Series winners, IronMan winners, IronMan finishers and thousands of other amazing people change their lives and achieve unthinkable goals.  

Dr. Al has won multiple 5k events and is a regular age-group winner. He has also completed a full IronMan race.  

Dr. Al had the honor of being inducted into the Omega Psi Honor Society while compiling thousands of hours in the study of Human Anatomy, Extremity Anatomy, Physiology, Kinesiology, Sports Kinesiology, Neurology, Orthopedics, Neurology, Sports Injury, Functional Rehab, Nutritional Biochemistry, Clinical Nutrition, Soft Tissue Management & Sports Medicine.
Melissa, a.k.a. The Head Heifer
P.S. :  You are here because I value you as a friend and as a person.  You've either been personally invited by me or by a friend of mine.  I would love for you to be a Founding Member  of 
Run, Heifer, Run! Prime.  When the site is fully operational in March of 2018, the site will have a higher monthly and yearly fee.  I am offering this to my Friends and Founding Members for only a one-time investment of $149 (never make another payment), $99/year or $9.99/month.   
Please feel free to SHARE this page with any family members, Fitness Buddies or friends who would find value in our group.

Contact us if you have questions or if you need help with anything. We love and appreciate you and we're looking forward to an amazing 2018!!! 
3 Easy Ways to Invest in Yourself
You CANNOT Beat This Monthly Rate!
Welcome to 
Run Heifer Run! Prime
1-time only
Never Pay Again!
**You must be a friend of Mel's!
Here's How it Works.....
Every week we will produce live events (mainly on our private Facebook group) with qualified professional coaches ranging from Fitness, Motivation, Stretching, Running Plans, Nutrition and much more.  These events will be content filled along with live Q&A.  We will also have weekly live coaching calls and Facebook "Office Hours" where you can get your questions answered.  If you happen to miss an event, each week we will e-mail you all the content from the previous week!  All of this is included with your group membership. 
  •  Bi-Weekly Group Coaching Calls: Feel free to talk or listen in.                    (valued at $500/month)
  •  Weekly Facebook Office Hours: Personal coaching on any question, problem or challenge in the secret Facebook group.                 (valued at $1,200/month)
  •  Weekly Guest Coaching/Q&A: We will have regularly scheduled resident coaches (on Facebook live) answer your questions on nutrition, running tips,  race tips, health, mindset, running posture & much more.                    (valued at $1,200/month)
  •  Monthly Special Guest Speakers/Q&A: Again, on Facebook live.                (valued at $300/month)
  •  Weekly Run, Heifer, Run! Prime email: Get the rundown of everything that happened in the group that week so you won't miss anything. 
  •  Group Support: Run, Heifer, Run! is there for you anytime you have a question, need support or want to share the excitement or positivity of your life!  (Priceless!)
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